7 Tips for Transforming Your Yard Into a Winter Wonderland

As the winter season approaches, many of us are eager to make our homes feel more festive. You can bring your holiday spirit inside your house with these 10 ways to make your new home festive and cozy for the holidays, but if you don’t also turn your outdoor space into a winter wonderland, who will know that Christmas has truly arrived?

From seasonal planting to getting your hands on some fake snow, let’s explore seven ways to transform your yard into a winter wonderland that will leave you and your guests feeling enchanted all season long.

Decide the Theme

When transforming your yard for the winter holidays, the first step is to decide on a theme. By choosing a theme in advance, you can properly decide on the best decorating choices – and create a cohesive look throughout your space. Some popular winter wonderland themes include:

  • Santa’s Grotto
  • Scandinavian Simplicity
  • Gold and Silver Ice Palace

Give Your Yard a Clean

It’s impossible to create a winter wonderland in your yard if your yard isn’t clean. By getting your outdoor space ready beforehand, you can ensure that you don’t have to go through and sift out any tiny bits of debris later. The key essentials in giving your yard a good (winter) cleaning are removing any dead or fallen leaves, trimming overgrown plants and cleaning pathways and the driveway.

Play Some Christmas Music

Whether you set up an outdoor speaker for your driveway or place one of your indoor speakers strategically in an open window, playing some Christmas music is an easy way to add a fun festive touch to your winter wonderland. By compiling a playlist of all the best classic Christmas songs, you can give guests the welcome they truly deserve, or provide a soundtrack for your kids while they make snow angels or battle in a snowball fight.

Do Some Seasonal Planting

Making the most out of the different flora that thrives in the winter months is a great idea when transforming any outdoor space. Consider planting some winter-friendly plants like evergreen trees, holly bushes, winter jasmine and winterberry; these plants can all withstand frost and snow so they are great if you’re expecting some low temperatures. Containers and hanging baskets are also a good option for seasonal planting if you’re working with limited space.

Place Ornaments in Trees

Placing ornaments in trees is an easy way to use what you’ve already got around you. Adore treelines with colorful balls in the classic Christmas colors, throw twinkling lights up into the foliage, or even hang lanterns and rustic signs around the front porch to give it a festive country feel. Using a combination of ornaments in different shapes and sizes will create visual interest, and make your winter wonderland stand out a whole lot more.

Set Up a Cocoa and Cider Station

If you’re the type of neighbor who creates an outdoor winter wonderland for everyone to enjoy, setting up a cocoa and cider station will encourage everyone from the block to come and take it in. Stock up on a variety of hot cocoa mixes, cider packets and a selection of toppings such as marshmallows, whipped cream, cinnamon sticks and chocolate shavings. Don’t forget to have a kettle or pot for heating water or cider.

Add Fake Snow

And of course, a winter wonderland isn’t complete without a dusting of snow. Use fake snow spray or window clings to create a snowy effect on the windows, or hang snowflake ornaments and garlands to enhance the winter theme. Who said every Christmas couldn’t be a White Christmas?

With these seven great tips on how to transform your yard into a winter wonderland, you can ensure the festive decor from inside your home, reaches the outside, too!